What is Kritique©?

Simple assessment that is:
  • Comprehensive, speedy, convenient, immediate, permanent & secure.
  • Based on touch screen assessment to monitor performance including instant review resulting in remediation or challenge.
  • Functional in varied contexts (School-academic/PE, Club/associations-sport, Coaching-education and Human Resource-work performance appraisal).
  • Is capable of coping with large numbers.
Kritique Assessment System

Why use Kritique© ? Because it has proven to be:

  • Time efficient
  • Capable of coping with large numbers of assessments.
  • Capable of sharing results.
  • A system that combines assessment criteria and performance outcomes.
  • An assessment tool that replaces pen & paper.
  • Capable of assessing all learning regardless of the task or performance.
  • An efficient new touch screen technology.
  • An assessment system based on observing performance.
 Assessment System

12 steps of the Kritique© assessment process


Construct group folder


Create individual profile

 Performance Analytics Program

Add an assessment disk

Performance Analytics Program

Individual rating & comment

Performance Analytics Program

Immediate, permanent, secure store/share

 Performance Analytics Program

Review, print, or share email

Performance Analytics Program

Create report

 Performance Analytics Program

Compare & contrast

 Performance Analytics Program

Determine intervention

 Performance Analytics Program

Level 1-2 = Remediate

 Performance Analytics Program

3-4 Challenge

Performance Analytics Program


Features of Kritique©

Phase 1

  • Activate account
  • Add your own disk
  • Add group
  • Assessment
  • Sequence
  • Attendance
  • Basic function steps
  • Biographical details
  • Capture video
  • Class logo
  • Compare & contrast
  • Coach assessment
  • Contact us
  • Create class/group
Phase 2

  • Drop down menu
  • Delete a group
  • Edit profile
  • Email profile
  • Forgot password (reset)
  • Generate report
  • Group logo
  • Help button
  • Horizontal bar graph
Phase 3

  • Individual profile
  • Institute logo
  • Invite friends
  • Import logos
  • Language selection
  • Level performance
  • Log in/out
  • New profile
  • Manage assessment
  • My groups
Phase 4

  • Password
  • Photo gallery
  • Pricing
  • Purchase disks
  • User tutorial
  • Registration
  • Retrieve profile
  • Reset password
  • Report display
Phase 5

  • Save profile
  • Search for profile
  • Settings
  • Select a disk
  • Set up account
  • Share profile
  • Steps to set up
  • Symbols explained
  • Suggestions
  • Syncing devices
  • Take photo
  • Teacher assessment
  • Tutorial
  • View video
How Digital Works

What are digital disks?

Many disks specially constructed covering 5000 assessment criteria specially constructed. In Pro and Enterprise versions of Kritique© users can construct their own disk and customize current disks to suit any level age performance. Once analysis of performance has been completed and performance rated, feedback and intervention strategies specific to results is provided.

On request, disks can be constructed to specifications. Contact Kritique© administration on info@kritique.pro.

Kritique© process video