1. Who can use Kritique©?

Teachers, coaches and managers or anyone responsible or involved in the profiling assessment evaluation process.

2. When can Kritique© be used?

Anytime with all assessment results being retained within each profile.

3. Why use Kritique©?

It is simple, powerful and can be used regardless of learning content. It can record performance using visual wheels, video and audio commentary.

4. How much does Kritique© cost?

At the basic level, it's free. For more information of benefits of upgrading to Pro and Enterprise refer to Pricing at the bottom of the page.

5. What exactly does Kritique© do?

Kritique© is an assessment/appraisal system using innovative touch screen technology for teachers, coaches and managers and others responsible for assessing or appraising a wide range of performances. Performances (techniques/functionals roles) are broken into discrete observable components and leveled 1-4 with composite score calculated. Using results, performance can be monitored/tracked and intervention strategies developed for both individuals and teams dependant on the context.

6. What does free access entitle me to?

You are entitled to use assessment disks in your selected area-chosen discipline “Academique”-teachers/instructor/lecturer-school college or university, “Sportique"-coaches/coach educators-club/sports association, or “Appraisique"-manager-company interest for the 90-days duration.

7. What are the benefits of upgrading from Free Access to Kritique© Pro and Enterprise Version users?

Pro-Version users can create their own disks. There are no limitations related to the number of assessments you can complete, the number of videos you can capture and store and there are no time conditions. If you wanted to also have access to another performance area this is available at a discounted fee.

8. Can you provide me with details video capture and storage?

There are a number of options from 6 sec loops, 3 mins, 10 mins and 30 mins extended video option. Review of the video also has playback option (Normal speed. and various other speeds including freeze frame and slow motion) and viewing (full or half screen). All reports are stored in the cloud and can be viewed and changed for the period of access.

9. I see there is a reporting comment bank-How does that work?

Each category (“Academique”, "Sportique" and “Appraisique") has a comment bank with a number of easily accessible comments related to levels and types of performance. Once you have constructed a comment this can be saved, resulting in the comment bank expanding with use and saved as a favourite comment.

10. If I require further assistance or help what should I do or where can I go?

On the webpage, there is access to a quick start guide, full manual and support video. You can also ask for specific assistance by using contact function or dropping an email to Team Kritique on info@kritique.pro or support@kritique.pro.

11. What types of assessment does Kritique© support?

All types, really, in the forms of teacher/coach/manager, self (pupil/student/athlete/player/worker) and peer assessment. Both formative (ongoing) and summative (end of assessments) results are facilitated.

12. If required can someone demonstrate and give a presentation on Kritique©'s functions and how it might work?

Yes, contact Team Kritique© (info@kritique.pro) and a demonstration can be arranged at a place and time to suit.

13. How many assessments can I complete?

As many assessments, you want which will be stored permanently on the app and can be reviewed till the expiry of the package you've purchased.

14. How many devices (iPads-tablets) can I use?

When using the Basic application there is a limit of 1 device. Using Kritique Pro for 10 devices and Enterprise for unlimited.

15. Where can I use Kritique©?

Anywhere. Due to transportable nature of the application (phone, iPad or tablet). Kritique© can be used in almost all contexts and has been effectively employed in the classroom, gymnasium, swimming pool, games fields, many competition arenas and diverse performance locations.

16. Who can I Kritique©?

Anyone who is completing a performance (regardless of the task)! Contexts include all places of learning (all levels of schools colleges and universities), sporting environments (recreational, development and high performance) and a wide range of workplaces. The potential clients/ users/ audience includes pupils, students, researchers, scholars, teachers, instructors, lecturers, coaches, coach educators, athletes, players, performers in the corporate and workplace contexts.