What we can offer

A coaching approach method that has evolved over 20 years and reaped success at many levels over a prolonged period of time- based on accurate personalized feedback accelerating performance.


The tctc (barbarians) rugby awards scheme

  • 7 yrs – 12 yrs
  • 13yrs - Opens
The Barbarian center of excellence awards scheme is a comprehensive set of awards to objectively measure:
  • Authentic core skills of rugby union
  • Fitness component in games play situations
  • Activities requiring tactical and strategic decision making


Awards scheme ™/ Center of excellence

The rationale behind this testing procedure is that they are capable of:
  • Accurately placing young players on a learning continuum whilst constructing a holistic profile.
  • Providing player, coach and parent accurate information as to current the skill / performance level.
  • A framework upon which future development can be based.
  • Generating motivational data for players to practice prerequisite skills in developing into a multifaceted player.
  • Linking the award scheme to sequentially and deliberatively planned sessions which are organised embracing skills clinics, formative assessment, games play embracing "SportsSence" encouraging intelligent performance in keeping with recent educational research.
  • Tests and activities promote and measure physical, technical core and technical individual, tactical, cognitive and emotional development.
  • All age groups are organised considering intended outcomes , physique, technical core and individual; skills, tactical and strategic awareness providing a positive learning environment promoting growth cognitively and emotionally whilst balancing between co-operation and competition. The center is unapologetic in targeting and identifying excellence


The awards are organised for six age groups (dates of birth from 31st august) based on the rugby continuum


Review of mission/program outcomes

Although age group organised it is possible for a players to work in an award above or below their age group.

Each age group has its own award test procedure which is designed developmentally as players master the required skills of the game.

Because the award scheme is deliberative and sequenced players have to work through every level and have to record progress at every third incremental level in their accompanying log book which has to be signed by a recognized Barbarians center trainer.

Certificates and badges are available at every level so it possible for a player to enter into the award scheme.

Awards Scheme

On completion of the test which can be done repeatedly over the course of the term a certificate and badge will be awarded to recognize achievement and mastery of outcomes as players move through the award scheme.

The awards scheme as been developed over a prolonged period of time and trailed in many contextual settings.

Sport teaching

Each Barbarian center of excellence is a separate franchise purchased and run on a country by country basis but organised regionally.

Only trained and recognized coaches can sign off a player progress card/log book which then entitles the player to gain an age specific award.

What do you get?

  • Age group games
  • Technique correction
  • Task cards (some animated)
  • Assessment criteria
  • Monthly coaching newsletter
  • Constant updates
  • Self administered program